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There's a new love in my life.... [08/02/2007
@ 21:29
Strong, tough and hard. Whips me into a frenzy. This time I went black. I've even got a pic!

Not for the faint of heartCollapse )

What else is new? My hair.

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Long time, no post [09/10/2006
@ 00:44
Been busy making not one, but two, DVD audition reels. Long story - twill F/O that one sometime soon.

Coloured the hair. Cooked a lot.

Frazzled. Tired. And a little blue.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canucks.

Update, Florida '06, Food Porn [03/08/2006
@ 21:18
[ mood | satisfied ]

It is truly the Dog Days of Summer. We've finally had a break from the oppressive heat of the last week - mid 40s Celsius in temps, high 40s with the humidex. It stormed like Armegeddon last night. The rain came down so fast, the streets were flowing rivers and the light show was unreal. Huge bolts of forked lightening nearly down to the ground, right outside my window. A bit scary, but beautiful. It's been raining on/off all day and right now it's still humid but with a cool breeze and I hope it stays like this for a while.

Florida "06Collapse )

Food PornCollapse )

@ 22:51
[ mood | good ]

My hairsticks came today!! Wow, they are just as gorgeous in hand as they are in the pic. BTW, I should add that the ones I got aren't exactly as shown... that pair were sold just before I made my request so Kathy at MT made me another pair with the only change being a slight difference in the "gold vermeil" attachments. I was really impressed with how they came - shipped in a white, cardboard rectangular box. Inside, nestled within bubble wrap, was a smaller, pretty rectangular box with an MT logo engraved on the lid and wrapped in ribbon with a small gem dangling from it. Inside each stick was wrapped in lavender tissue paper. Can you say, "attention to detail"??? Also, the sticks are nice and sturdy and they hold my hair perfectly - tried them out right away... but you figured that, right? LOL I will definitely be ordering from them again.

The jewellery place sent a replacement navel bar but it had only slightly more bend - not enough to be usable. I took it with me to my piercer's to get their opinion and as I figured, they advised against using it. I decided to just let it go and absord the loss which was made easier by finding a great jewel in-shop. It's a "top dangle" which sounds like a euphemism for something dirty ;-) The top jewel is a small crystal daisy (clear with a slight lavender tone), next is a silver link to a small gem, then a few more links to a larger tear-dropped shaped crystal. The other end of the bar (that lies in the belly button) is just a small, plain stainless steel ball and of course, this is hidden by the jewel-string that lies on top. I found a similar one here. It's really lovely and even more comfy than the flutterby. Of course, I haven't caught it on anything yet ;-) so we'll see if this pans out.

I'll try to get pics of the belly-bar and the hairsticks in action soon.

Life is good and I'll try to post more, F/O, tomorrow.

Hair Schtick [05/06/2006
@ 23:59
Today I ordered this pair of hair sticks. There are a few others that I really want but I'm going to see how this order goes first.

Melanie - you might want to look into Mei Fa hairsticks as they are smaller in both length and width than most of the other brands out there - too small and "bendy" for my hair. I found a video about the proper technique here for various bun styles. But I'm going to have to ask my *long hair friends* for some help with more sources.

Bees? Anyone? Do you have any links about using the sticks that might help? TIA.

Long time, no write, not good [01/06/2006
@ 14:57
I'm forcing myself to sit down and write. It's been way too long since I wrote a blog and I've been finding it difficult to settle down and write something. I just haven't been in the mood but that will have to wait for a F/O post.

Updates? Well, my sore throat grew into a bad case of bronchitis and I really just started feeling back to normal last week. That's part of why I haven't been writing - I couldn't concentrate enough to get words to paper or digits ;-) Unfortunately though that makes things worse since I don't have an outlet. You know that feeling like your creativity has been stifled? Then you think, well no wonder. I haven't been doing anything creative. That's where I am.

I've been reading a lot. I finished Reza Aslan's No god but God. I highly recommend this to everyone for the incredible education it gave me in the history of Islam and early C.E. Arabia. For that alone, the book is worth a read. Alas, it failed to give me the hope in modern Islam that I expected. There are some problems with the book - for instance, he completely ignores the history of Muslim atrocities in India while trying to make the point that Islam isn't really violent and while I've never believed that it is (people are violent, not religions persay) this intellectual dishonesty ruins his thesis. I'll write more about this at a later date.

I'm currently reading Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus which I also highly recommend. It traces the history of New Testament book manuscripts from the earliest days of Christianity, highlighting the massive number of changes that were made especially early on. Ehrman started out as a strict fundamentalist/evangelical but changed his mind after realizing that the hundreds of thousands of contradictions contained in these books makes it impossible to know what the original words were. There's a good write up about his impeccable qualifications here. I'm itching to read more of his books as well.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately. Pulled out the Nick Drake again and I've been listening to that a lot. Also, the Eurythmics and solo Annie Lennox since Dave Stewart started blogging at Intentblog. (How cool is that??)

I ordered a new belly ring online but I'm going to have to send it back since there's no bend in the shaft. After some bizarre emails, they've finally agreed to take it back. Not sure if they're giving me a store credit or a refund though. It was only about 8 pounds (U.K. site) so I won't be too pissed if I can't get my money back but the jewel is simply not wearable in that condition. It's too bad though because it's sooo purdy.

Lots of shopping as well... tops mostly but also a pretty skirt. I need new sandals but the ones I want (Doc Marten slides) aren't in the stores here and I can't order from the U.S. or European sites. I'm going to see if a local merchant can do a special order for me. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm having trouble finding clothes and shoes that I like. And since I hate going from store to store browsing, I'm not a happy shopper at present. I think I'm going to order some hair sticks from Maiden's Treasures - has anyone else ordered from them? Were you happy with them? I've also picked out some barrettes and clips from the Hair Boutique and will be ordering them soon.

So much spending. I even bought lavender-coloured bed sheets :-)

@ 23:50
[ mood | sick ]

Hey kids... I'll try to update this weekend but I just wanted to turn your attention to my new LJ layout! Isn't it gorgeous? I got it from gawariel_design who created challe's new layout as well (which is also gorgeous). Run your cursor over the picture under "Navigation" on the sidebar. Very cool. She has some beautiful wallpapers and icons as well.

Have a nice Friday, ya'll.

P.S. I got an icky sore throat. Bleh.

From the Katz [17/04/2006
@ 15:39
Well, I think is basically accurate but as always, I think my answers to these questions would be much more nuanced than the options given and thus the results would be a little different. I'm almost disappointed as it makes me seem rather boring ;-)

Your Social Dysfunction:

You're a happy person - you have a good amount of self-esteem, and are socially healthy. While this isn't a social dysfunction per se, you're definitely not normal. Consider yourself lucky: you walk that fine line between 'normal' and being outright narcissistic. You're rare - which is something else to be happy about.

Take this quiz at

Please note that we aren't, nor do we claim to be, psychologists. This quiz is for fun and entertainment only. Try not to freak out about your results.

@ 14:43
Great interview with Canuck comedian Russell Peters here by Mohit Rajhans of Omni TV.

There are 3 other videos by Mohit - a short, a music video and a trailer for his feature film, all really great. Feel free to share.

BTW, Mohit is a journalist with Omni and creates docs for the CBC including one this year about comedians of colour featuring Sugar Sammy and others. He's also a contributer to Deepak Chopra's Intentblog.



@ 14:26
For the lovely Lady Bees, and all others who have been there.

Miscarriage Awareness Ribbon:

Miscarriage Awareness Ribbon

Help... I need somebody... [24/02/2006
@ 00:04
[ mood | curious ]

Just hoping I could get some input on a few issues...

Mineral Makeup

I really want to switch over and have been considering a few brands that I can buy in-store since I'd rather feel it before buying. I can buy Bare Escentuals in my local Sephora and I'm considering their Get Started Kit for Fair Skin. The upside is that even if I don't like the makeup, I'll still have the 3 brushes. Any one tried this or heard other reviews on it?

The other is the store brand at the place I get my aesthetic services - Pure + Simple. Their mineral makeup looks pretty good but they are pretty heavey-handed with the sales pitch. I once asked about it and was told I should book a "make over". *snort* I don't think they'd insist on it, but still... left me a bit turned off. I probably will find a way to try it out next time I'm there.

Gabs - I know you're really into this stuff - any recs?

Picture Storage

I don't have access to the negatives of the photos from my childhood so I'd like to scan them all - there's a lot - and create a secure digital library of them. I figure that burning them to CDs or just keeping them on the hard disk isn't the best way to store them... any ideas?

My Space

Does anyone here have a My Space account? Have you found it worthwhile? Negatives? Positives? It seems like an interesting networking tool.

Some more little updates... [22/02/2006
@ 22:37
...longer one coming soon, I promise!

* Turns out my toe IS broken. I already had an app't at my doc's so I had her look at it. Not much that can be done - apparently you don't splint or cast a toe so the advice is to wear *sturdy shoes* and stay off it as much as I can. Well, I was already doing that! But I guess it's good to know and I can play the sympathy card with it, if necessary ;-)

* I made yummy Eggplant Parmigiana last night and I also roasted a chicken. I didn't have anything to stuff the chicken with - no gluten-free bread for dressing, no apples, pears or even lemons - so I put in a few slabs of butter and the left over fresh rosemary and thyme from the Coq Au Vin. The apartment was soooo aromatic! and the chicken is delicious.

* Canadian men lost in hockey today so they are out of the medals. Oy vey. I'm not too disappointed though because they hadn't been playing well and the Russians are just too strong. (And btw, nice to see the Russian men having such a strong team again!) I think the whole Wayne Gretzky-Gambling Scandal was more of a distraction than they were willing to admit. That and the fact that they played horribly *snort*.

* I can't remember the last time that the women's figuring skating short program produced so many clean programs. Holy shit. Can't wait for the LP tomorrow. I'm pulling for Slutskaya just because of the sheer joy she exudes when skating. I love that.

* I've been reading The Love Spell by Phyllis Curott and it's interesting to say the least. PC is a Wiccan High Priestess and the story is a memoir of her search for love, illuminated through her connection to Dionysus. Her honesty is, at times, painful and I'm still amazed at how open and intimate the book is. She writes about her mistakes and faults in a way that many people wouldn't and I think that's admirable. The book isn't perfect - some parts are badly written, IMHO - especially the descriptions of loves scenes and the euphemisms she employs but those are small faults for me since I didn't read it to get turned on ;-) There are many parts that I relate to, to a point of embarassment and I have experienced many similar things that I wouldn't dare say out loud regarding my connections to spirit and sexuality. And you guys know how open *I* am! I will post more eventually on this.

It's a flutterby! [12/02/2006
@ 23:58
Pardon the absence - been crazy-busy. I have tons to write about and I even made a list! But enough for now to show you a pic of my new belly ring. It's not the one I ordered last fall... I never did follow up on that because my piercing wasn't healed enough to change the ring. I found this one at a cool shop called Shanti Baba in the Queen/Bathurst area and had it changed on Saturday.

Here"s the picCollapse )

And there was dancing and joy in the streets.... [30/01/2006
@ 15:09
[ mood | relieved ]

I just found out that the Celiac Foundation of Canada has determined that distilled alcohol is gluten free!!

In other words I can now drink vodka, scotch, whiskey, gin, etc. and I don't have to worry about what's in liquers. Fuckin'A. They also cleared distilled white vinegar (but not malt).

Bring on the Stoly!

Still can't have beer - damn it - but apparently there is a GF brand here. Can't imagine it would be any good but still.

Thank goodness, there is finally a definitive answer on this. Takes the guesswork out of gambling with my health.

Not the greatest photos... [08/01/2006
@ 15:30
I've tried fiddling around with these in PHP but I'm hardly an expert in that. At least you can get the general idea....

New Year"s Eve BlouseCollapse )

@ 21:33
[ mood | happy ]

I drew this about 5 years ago in pastel and it's seriously the only time I've ever drawn anything that was half good. I think it was pure inspiration, zero talent ;-)

I'm posting this for mforbes because she posted a pic her son drew that is quite similar and it reminded me of mine. And mine was sitting on the shelf right next to me. And I needed an excuse to try out my new scanner/printer/copier. And... well, that's it.

I"m not sure of sizing, so I"ll cut it and hope for the bestCollapse )

Meme-age from Challe [05/01/2006
@ 14:13
[ mood | cheerful ]

I like this one!

Who is love?Collapse )

Blogocorpia [02/01/2006
@ 19:26
[ mood | mellow ]

I had the most wonderful phone call from beelady this afternoon! She is as adorable as I imagined. What fun and what a great New Year's present. *dances*


I've been nabbing userpics left and right from icon_godess including one of a butterfly today. The Intentblog gang have a thing with butterflies. If I remember correctly it started with one of them having a significant dream about them and pretty soon everyone started seeing them everywhere. It started again a few days ago with one of the women reporting that she found a butterfly in her home - in the dead of winter - so when I saw this one today, I knew I had to nab it.


This season has been good to me. Between presents (both specific things and gift cards) and money I've been saving for the Boxing Day sales I was able to receive/purchase some amazing things. Some mundane - underwear, bras, socks. Some wanted, but practical - a new pair of high-heeled boots that fit like a glove and a few sweaters. One needed and practical - a colour printer/scanner/copier at an incredible price. And some downright luxurious, overpriced but worth it - a pretty white/lacey nightgown and a beautiful new top for New Years that I will try to take a picture of with my crappy cell-cam.

I found out at the last minute that I had to dress up for the New Years Eve show. I didn't want to wear a dress or skirt since I needed to be mobile so I went with black pants and my new boots but for the life of me, I couldn't find the black, sparkly top I save for these occasions. I turned my apt upside down but to no avail so I had to run off to the mall, with my hair filled with deep conditioner, coiled into a bun and topped off with a hat ;-) the morning of NYE and I swear to god, I went through every store until I finally found something I liked. It was way too expensive but it's been a long time since I made an insane purchase so I decided to splurge. That, and the fact that I really didn't have a choice since I couldn't even find anything else that fit me. And this fits me purrfectly. It has a scooped neck (not too low) with 3/4 sleeves that was body-conforming without being tight... as for material, it has 2 layers - black lace over red satin and the 2 are lightly *quilted* which gives it a vintage look. At the end of the sleeves there's a long ruffle of sheer black netting that hangs to the wrist. Oh, and there's a light smattering of tiny sparkles over the lace. Just gorgeous. I can't wait to have another occasion to wear it to.

The New Year's show went off without a hitch... thank god. We were SRO. Staff got a free 3-course dinner which was nice and it was fun and festive.


I've got a personal update to add later tonight but that's going to be "friends only" I think. Or maybe not. I've hit the point in some situations where I've moved from upset to apathy and I don't think I really care if they're open to the public but I'll see how I feel.

@ 23:37
Today was crazy. The phone rang off the hook at the club and I'm exhausted... more of the same tomorrow.

I'll try to post more on Sunday when the craziness is over since I've got a lot to share but I wanted to mention this great blog from Deepak Chopra about the social conditions that produce "evildoers". Troy, I particularly thought of you since he mentions the conclusions of the Stanford prison experiments - I'm sure you're familiar with them.

I found it very thought-provoking and resonant for me. Here's part of a comment that I added:

What really struck me as I read both the conditions of becoming an "evildoer" and the prescription for change was that they apply to the micro as much as the macro.

Cliques among friends work much the same way although they don't generally lead to murder, rape, etc. There is usually someone "in charge" - a bully who seeks to control the group by pressuring everyone to conform to their will. The bully isn't always obvious - he/she will flatter and charm and give rewards to those who go along with their desires even if it's something they disagree with. Most of these interactions take place in private. All objections are explained away in some kind of parallel universe *logic*. Words get redefined no matter how bizarre, all in the name of not causing trouble. Often this is ironically called "keeping the peace". The person who objects is often called a troublemaker and is ostracized. All morality becomes reversed. Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. All in the name of making one person *happy*.


Happy New Year, everyone!!

Update, book reviews, movies, music, blah, blah blah [28/12/2005
@ 11:52
[ mood | busy ]

It's a busy week with New Year's coming up. I'm working but will be off by 9:30-ish. I've got a party I could go to but I'm not sure if I will. I'll try to post more in depth this week. Got a few issues to muddle through but all is well and, as always, I'm just glad Xmas is over.

Music Reviews

Found a new love - Amos Lee. I've been having trouble pin-pointing his style but I found a description in an online review that labels it as "a unique brand of folk-soul music" that is pretty much spot-on... although I would add a healthy dose of blues. The reviewer hears Stevie Wonder in his voice and while I agree, the one that came to my mind was Marvin Gaye. I had the thought that he was a kind of male Norah Jones in terms of voice quality, and it turns out that not only is she a fan of his music but also duets with him on "Colors". I also wasn't surprised to read that he is a big fan of James Taylor. Perhaps he would be the result of Gaye and Taylor having a baby ;-) His songs sound timeless. I keep thinking I've heard them before, although I'm sure I haven't - they have a quality about them, a weight that makes them sound like soul classics from 50 years ago. His voice is gentle but indeed raw and I love the imperfectness of his tracks... kind of scratchy like old vinyl. His ballad "Arms of a Woman" is shockingly beautiful and I've had it on constant repeat for the last few days. If you only download one song this year - legally, naturelment - then let it be this one.

more, more, more!Collapse )

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